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Author Title Instrumentation year
George Antheil Serpent Mécanique for pianola 1921
George Antheil Ballet Mécanique (first version) for sixteen pianolas run electrically from a common control (3xyl.elec bells.3propellers.tam.4dm.siren / 2pf/ 16 pianolas (minimum 4, written in 4 parts) 1923/25
George Antheil Mechanisms for pianola 1923
Mark Applebaum Intellectual Property I for Disklavier and improvising pianist 2000
Larry Austins Event/Complex No. 4 for Disklavier 1972/rev.94
Stefano Bassanese Arbelos, il coltello del calzolaio for Disklavier and real time midi controller 1994
Jean-Philippe Bec Pandemonium ????? ????
Dan Becker Five Re-Inventions (after J.S. Bach) for unaccompanied Disklavier ????
Dan Becker Revolution for pianist and prepared Disklavier 2004
Ludwig V. Beethoven Wellington's Victory (or Battle Symphony) for Panharmonicon (full mechanical orchestra invented by Johann Nepomuk Maelzel (Mälzel)) 1813
Bruce Christian Bennett What's the différance? for Disklavier 1993
David Berezan Black Dogs for 2 Yamaha Disklavier Pianos, MAX, Keyboard and Sampler 1998
Jonathan Berger The Voice Within the Hammer for Disklavier, computer, violin, 'cello, clarinet (Bb), flute 1998
Jonathan Berger Con Carne for Disklavier Solo with pianist and MAX-controlled MIDI input 1999
Richard Bidlack Dodecanon I for Disklavier solo 1995
Pierre Bismuth Blue Monk in Progress (art installation) 1995
Wilco Botermans Twaalf in Dertien in een Dozijn for Disklavier 1997
Kristine H. Burns Atanos 1 for Bb clarinet and Yamaha Disklavier 1993
Warren Burt Improvisation for Microtonal Piano Samples and Disklavier for Disklavier (and improvisator) and sampler 1995
Warren Burt A Book of Symmetries for Yamaha Disklavier for Disklavier (and improvisator) and sampler 1995
Warren Burt Three Minute Sonata - Quasi Una Fractal - Ernst Krenek Stands at the Corner of Grand and Snelling, Waiting for the Lights to Change, 1942 for Disklavier solo 1999
Warren Burt Probable Occurrences, In Layers for Disklavier solo 2004
Miguel Calzon Californian Boogie ????? ????
Henry Castle Scotch, twice for Disklavier piano and two performers ????
Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler Sonic Satie interactive composition for piano, Disklavier, realtime audio processing and visual sampler (art installation) 1999
David Cronkite Méridiens improvisational piece for MIDI keyboardist, Disklavier, sampler and sound-files 1998
David Cronkite espaces 12: naviguer à la sonde for MIDI keyboard, "Probe" software (Maxpatch), Disklavier, sampler 2001
Alvin Curran Endangered Species for Disklavier and sampler ????
Michael Daugherty Piano Plus ???? ????
Christopher Dobrian Entropy for Yamaha Disklavier (computer-controlled piano) and computer graphics 1991
Christopher Dobrian Line/Phase Minutiae for Yamaha Disklavier solo (computer-controlled piano) 1991
Christopher Dobrian Distance Duo for Yamaha Disklavier (computer controlled piano) and interactive computer improviser 2001
Christopher Dobrian There's Just One Thing You Need to Know for Disklavier and interactive computer system (including Korg Wavestation A/D or SR synthesizer) ????
Christopher Dobrian Unnatural Selection for Disklavier and interactive computer system ????
David Eagle Solitudes for Disklavier 1990/92
Peter Eötvös As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams for 1 recitant (actress), 3 speakers: sopran, mezzo, bariton, 1 trombone alto (solo), 1 trombone cbass (solo), 3 cl (3. also bcl, cbcl), 1 sax., 1 sousaphon, 3 percussions, 9 strings:, 1 computer piano without player, Special instruments: trombone alto with double-bell, trombone contrabass with double-bell, sousaphon with light-module technique: multichannel harmoniser and sound-projection 1998/99
Karlheinz Essl Lexikon-Sonate for Disklavier solo (with computer w/ max) 1992/2004
Eum-Yang ???? for Radio Baton, Celleto, and Disklavier ????
JB Floyd Solos and Sequences II for Disklavier ????
JB Floyd A Transporting Transmittance for Transverse Flute and Disklavier ????
Mike Frengel 3 to 2 or 1.5 for Disklavier 2000
Fred Frith Pop Mechanics (for Sergei Kuryokin) solo for Disklavier 1997
Furukawa Splendent Meridian II ...... for Disklavier and Sampler 1989
Furukawa Dressed in ...... for Disklavier 1992
Furukawa 12 Forms for Disklavier 1999
Kyle Gann So Many Little Dyings for keyboard sampler 1994
Kyle Gann Ghost Town for keyboard sampler 1994
Kyle Gann Eight Studies for Mechanical Piano for Disklavier 1997/2002
Kyle Gann Das Knaben Wunderklavier for live pianist and Disklavier, or Disklavier alone 2001
Kyle Gann Tango da Chiesa (Mechanical Piano Study No. 8) for Disklavier 2002
Kyle Gann Imaginary Island for nine computerized toy pianos 2003
Kyle Gann Petty Larceny (Mechanical Piano Study No. 9) for Disklavier 2003
Kyle Gann Unquiet Night (Mechanical Piano Study No. 10) for Disklavier 2004
Giuseppe Gavazza Virtual prepared piano per Disklavier e suoni di sintesi amplificati dentro il pianoforte ????
Giuseppe Gavazza Cinque Canti d'Amore per sopr, piano MIDI, Disklavier, live electr 1996-97/2002
Giuseppe Gavazza Variazioni su un Preludio di Skrjabin per Disklavier e suoni di sintesi 2001
Peter Gena Collagen for Disklavier solo 1997
Peter Gena Chopin's Catarrh (cf2) for Disklavier solo 1998
Peter Gena La Peste per la mano destra for Disklavier solo 2000
Peter Gena Botox à 5 for Disklavier solo 2004
Aaron Goldstein Four Etudes for Disklavier for Disklavier ????
Soren Goodman Signs of Life for 3 Disklaviers 2001/02
Rodney Graham School of Velocity MacIntosh Classic II, Opcode Max, Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano (art installation) 1993
Richard Grayson Shoot the Piano Player for solo-Disklavier with synthesized gunshots 1995
Richard Grayson Mr. 528 for six MIDI-controlled Disklaviers 1996
Scot Gresham-Lancaster VEX for computer network, electronics, and disklavier piano ???? 1994
Scot Gresham-Lancaster 5 tones for Slonimsky for Disklavier with player, computer with Max 1994/98
Kerry Hagan Dedicated to for Disklavier and Computer (Premiered by Shannon Wettstein) 1999
Joseph Haydn (tunes for musical (pipe organ) clocks) ???? ????
Wolfgang Heisig Heislvertonungen for Pianola 1997
Jean-Luc Hervé Déjà pour piano, Disklavier et électronique ???? 2000
Paul Hindemith Toccata for Mechanical Piano for mechanical piano ????
Paul Hindemith Music for mechanical instruments op. 40 (Musik für mechanische Instrumente op. 40) for mechanical piano 1926
Paul Hindemith Music for Oscar Schlemmer's "Triadic Ballet" extension of the programme to include ballet (the first original compositions for mechanical instruments) ???? 1926
Paul Hindemith Rondo aus der Klaviermusik op. 37 arranged for mechanical piano for mechanical piano 1927
Paul Hindemith Filmmusik for Mechanical Piano (Welte) to the Film "Vormittagsspuk" (Morning Spook) for mechanical piano 1928
Luc Houtcamp Duo for Man Alone for Single-voice melody instrument (wind, string, voice, etc), Disklavier and computer 1997/98
David A. Jaffe The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for Mathews/Boie Radio Drum-controlled Disklavier Grand Piano and Instrumental Ensemble (harp, harmonium, 2 percussion, mandolin, guitar, bass, harpsichord), computer running Max 1995
David A. Jaffe & Andrew Schloss Suite from The Seven Wonders for solo Disklavier 1995
Jérôme Joy pianosequence for max/msp and sampler or Disklavier 1992
Jérôme Joy F-a2 for Disklavier 2004
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski & Nik Haffner Yours for Disklavier solo 1999/2000
Steve Key Tim Labor Crosses The Bay Of Fundy With A Smile On His Face And A Song In His Heart ???? ????
William Kleinsasser Free Shadows for  Disklavier, piano, and computer 1994
William Kleinsasser Available Instruments for piano, Disklavier and computer 1997
Daniel Koppelman Simple Harmonic Motion Interactive structured improvisation for Disklavier, synthesizer, computer, and two keyboardists 1991
Daniel Koppelman Digitalisman for Piano, Disklavier (computer-controlled piano), synthesizer 1997
Igor Korneitchouk Critical Velocity computer sequence for Disklavier 1989
Igor Korneitchouk Protean Flux computer sequence for Disklavier 1991
Igor Korneitchouk Worms in the Flower Garden for performer and prepared Disklavier 1994
Joseph Koykkar Triple Play for keyboard sampler, Disklavier and grand piano 1992
Joseph Koykkar Interfacing for Yamaha Grand Disklavier, K2500 , and MAX software 1997
Yannis Kyriakides The Influencing Machine for saxophone quartet and midi-piano 1993
Tim Labor Blackjack I for Disklavier solo 1989
Tim Labor Blackjack II for Disklavier solo 1989
HyeKyung Lee Opposed Directions for Disklavier and Electronics disklavier piano, synthesizer, effects, Macintosh MIDI software 1998
Gareth Loy Dream Life of a Salon Piano for Disklavier solo ????
Eric Lyon Hands Off Homeboy for Disklavier solo ????
Tod Machover Brain Opera a chair is controlling a Yamaha Disclavier MIDI player piano ????
Tod Machover Bounce for Disklavier, electronic keyboard and hyperinstrument electronics ????
Terry Mann ...in the general terms of: for Prepared Disklavier (2 imaginary pianists) 1999
Philippe Manoury Pluton for midi piano and real-time computer 1988
Servio Marin Time is Over for Computer driven Disklavier and one performer 1995
Bill Matthews Blackbird for Disklavier, midi synth (Kurzweil at premiere), computer (MAX), samples, loudspeakers 1998
Bill Matthews Four Easy Pieces for Disklavier with pianist, computer (MAX), samples, loudspeakers 1999/2000
Casey Patrick Mongoven Limit Fractal for Disklavier 2000
Kurt Mortensen Homenaje a Nancarrow for Disklavier 1998
Wolfgang A. Mozart ???? for mechanical organ ????
Jeff Myers Five Parametric Etudes for Disklavier without player 1996/7
Conlon Nancarrow Studies for Mechanical Piano for Mechanical Piano 1950/85
Daphna Napthali Landmine for Disklavier with a pianist and Macintosh PowerBook running Max/MSP, Eventide Harmonizer ????
Jon C. Nelson Fantasies and Flourishes for full orchestra, soloist performing on the Disklavier, and interactive electronics also driving the Disklavier 1995
Gary Lee Nelson Bifurcate me, baby! for Disklavier without player 1994
Ichiro Nodaïra Neuf Ecarts vers le défi for midi piano and real-time computer 1991
Christina Viola Oorebeek Tuning Studies for Yamaha Disklavier, samples and spatialization effects 1998/99
Terry Winter Owens Disclavier-Das Klavier one-minute piece for Disklavier 2003
David Ozab This is Not a Piano for Disklavier, electronic keyboard and hyperinstrument electronics 1992
David Ozab Ezekiel's Dream Cycle for Disklavier 1993/95
David Ozab Shell Game for Dimension Beam infrared controller, and Disklavier 1997/99
David Ozab C.P.U. Bach for Disklavier 1998
David Ozab Equinox for Disklavier and Kyma system 1999
Brice Pauset Perspectivae Sintagma I canons pour piano-Midi et dispositif électro-acoustique for midi piano and electro-acoustic system 1997
Andrian Pertout Chant d'Augmentation for Disklavier solo 1999
Andrian Pertout Panc Hazar Chakra Kai Andar (Within Five Thousand Cycles) for Prepared Multitrack Disklavier 2000
Russell Pinkston TaleSpin for Disklavier and electronic sounds 2000
Jean-Claude Risset Huit esquisses en duo pour un pianiste : Double, Miroirs, Extensions, Fractals, Agrandissements, Métronomes, Up-down, Résonances for Disklavier with a player, computer w/ max 1989
Jean-Claude Risset Trois Etudes en duo pour un pianiste: Echo, Narcisse, Mercure for Disklavier with a player, computer w/ max 1991
Jean-Claude Risset 3 Nouvelles études en duo pour piano interactif : En canon, Trémulant, Fractalisé for Disklavier with a player, computer w/ max ????
Jean-Claude Risset Rebonds for Disklavier, percussion, computer w/ max 2000
Jocelyn Robert Le Piano Flou for Yamaha Disklavier piano 1993
Jocelyn Robert Ground Station installation with Yamaha Disklavier piano ????
Sarah Rosenbaum DisPlaceDataSpace (art installation) ????
Joey Roukens Four Impromptus for Disklavier 2002
Wim de Ruiter Sonavar for Yamaha Disklavier solo 1998
Luigi Russolo ???? for controlled mechanical intonarumori (box instruments with resonators emitting tunable sounds) 1913
Edward Oswald Schaaf ???? ???? ????
Elliott Sharp NOLNOC for Bass clarinet (or other single-voice instrument) and Disklavier 1996
Alessandro Gioele Simonetto Omaggio a egaC [Poem on the 11th September tragedy] for Disklavier, accordion and piano sounds on tape ????
Michael Snow Piano Mécanique for Disklavier, piano player and computer (max) 1997
Simen Svale Skogsrud & Rolf Wallin Feelings for BrainMaster, Max/Msp, Yamaha Disklavier (art installation) 2003
Alexander Skryabin Promethee, Le poè,me du Feu for the colour piano 1910
Bruno Fabrizio Sorba La Fontana del Leone for Disklavier, tapes and live electronics 2004
Manfred Stahnke; Partota II - Für Gyorgy Ligeti for MIDI-piano (Yamaha DisKlavier) and Sampler 1992
Michelle Staunton Interactive Performance System for Disklavier, Pianist and Computer ????
Carl Stone Sa Rit Gol for live pianist and computer-driven Disklavier piano (Disklavier with human performer or Disklavier solo) 1997
Carl Stone Niap Neur for Disklavier solo ????
Allen Strange Lucifier's Hammer: The Third Book of Angels for Disklavier and computer 1995
Igor Stravinsky Le Sacre du Printemps, version for pianola for pianola 1911
Igor Stravinsky Etude for pianola op.7 for pianola 1917
Rick Taube Two Pieces for Disklavier I. Zugie-Woogie II. Amazing Grace for Disklavier solo 1996
Richard Teitelbaum dal Niente for Disklavier and Digital Sampler and Computer ????
Richard Teitelbaum The Emperor walks for Disklavier with synthesizer obliggato 1993
Richard Teitelbaum Seq Transit Parammers for Two Disklaviers and Interactive Computer System 1998
Jan Tro From Parkers (Pearls) ???? 1991
Nicolas Vérin Solid Noid for midi piano (w/ pianist), disklavier (or other computer controlled mechanical piano) and electronic system 1991
Martin Waltz Sloshsplatz Duo pour Disklavier et pianiste 1993
David Wessel & Vijay Iyer Catch and Throw ... for Disklavier piano & interactive computer-based electronics ????
Caroline Wilkins Piece for player piano & piano player for Piano, mechanical piano and operator 1990
Bob Willey The Last Turkey in the Straw for Disklavier solo 1988
Amnon Wolman Concerto for Piano, Pianos and Orchestra for seven Disklaviers (controlled by a computer) and orchestra (2,2,2,2,3 horns, 2 tenor saxophones, 2 perc., strings.) 1989
Amnon Wolman Pedestrians' crossing for Disklavier with live electronics 1993
Amnon Wolman New York for Two Disklaviers with computer processing 1996
Amnon Wolman Thomas and Beulah for soprano, piano (Disklavier), live electronics and lights 2000
Derek Wong Expon - Computer Piano Cycle for Yamaha Disklavier MIDI Grand Piano, Apple Macintosh IIsi Computer, Steinberg Cubase (Real Time Midi Processor, Real Time Input Transform), Roland A-80 Master Controller, E-mu Systems Proteus MPS Plus, Opcode Systems MIDI Translator II 1995
James T. Worlton Aliquot-One for Alto sax and Disklavier 2000